Get Involved

Be a Champion Mentor

You will provide support, encouragement, and council on a regular basis while building a life long relationship between two people in which one person helps another person reach their God given potential. Mentors will attend classes with their students and will serve as the primary person to evaluate their comprehension and the life application of the material taught in the Jobs for Life curriculum. You will also monitor their progress to assure they are on track for Jobs for Life graduation

Become a Student

If you are an ex-offender, ex-military, on government assistance, or unemployed and looking for a second chance to become successful members of the local work force in the New Bern, North Carolina area and wish to be a part of our Jobs for Life program and curriculum, please complete the attached form.

Become an Instructor

Participate as a Course Instructor in the Jobs for Life Training Course. Through Jobs for Life training, your service, compassion, time, and commitment to excellence will play an integral part in God’s work. Lives will be transformed through meaningful, mutually respectful relationships, the application of Biblical principles, and the acquisition of practical readiness skills.

Help Us Help Others

If you are not able to volunteer, please consider helping those in need by making a donation to Wash Away Unemployment. Your contribution will not only provide books and materials for Jobs for Life classes, but will help graduates become contributors to our community. All contributions are tax deductible.